Restaurant Start-up Considerations

  • Funding

    By on 1st October 2019

    The amount of money you will need to start a restaurant will depend on several factors, including the equipment,...

  • Target Market

    By on 13th June 2019

    No single restaurant can have a universal appeal, but this is a fact that many entrepreneurs, especially new ones,...

  • Food Concept

    By on 11th May 2019

    Restaurant patrons want a delighting dining experience, but that does not mean that they want surprises. For instance, a...

  • Location

    By on 24th January 2019

    Location is a very critical factor with regard to a restaurant business. In fact, your restaurant location can be...

  • Marketing

    By on 26th December 2018

    Marketing is an essential for every business, including food services, and the word of mouth is still the cheapest...