Marketing is an essential for every business, including food services, and the word of mouth is still the cheapest and most effective method of marketing. We’re talking about recommendations i.e.,

your customers are your best marketers. Therefore, you need to offer food services that will encourage repeat business and encourage clients to share the experience with other people. However, there are various other marketing vehicles you may want to consider, since the word of mouth may not reach every potential customer out there- say media advertisement, for instance. This could be social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or it could be radio, television, or newspaper advertisements. You could also use business cards and distribute them to every potential customer you come across. Road shows also tend to be a very effective marketing technique.

Since some of these forms of marketing may cost you an arm (think television and radio advertisements), you will need to cut the court according to your size. There is no need to advertise your small restaurant on a national television, when your target market is just a segment of your locality. Understand the capacity of your business and work within it.


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