Restaurant Ambiance Tips

  • Leverage the Power of Music

    By on 19th April 2019

    For a long time, food and music have walked hand in hand. In Ancient Rome, music artists performed at...

  • Advertising Restaurants Through Digital Marketing

    By on 10th April 2019

    With ever more new restaurants opening up across the UK, the market can often be saturated, giving diners an...

  • Make a Good First Impression

    By on 4th March 2019

    Running a restaurant is not just about offering food; it is also about the experience your customers will have...

  • Get the Lighting Right

    By on 8th February 2019

    Just because we own smartphones does not mean that we want to use the flashlight function squinting over menus...

  • Colour the Experience

    By on 19th September 2018

    Colours have a significant impact on people’s dining behaviour. When deciding on your restaurant’s interior design, you will want...